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The Business of Real Estate Sales' Career Info Presentation Session - Wed, Feb 24 2016 (6:45 to 8:00 pm - Doors open at 6:30pm)

I look forward to meeting you at my upcoming event.
My presentation is 1 hour in length and I will have a Q & A afterwards. 

During my presentation I will share also with you some valuable lessons I have learned in my 29 years in the real estate business such as: 
*Selling & Marketing Real Estate without having to spend a fortune 

*Real Estate Lead Generation model, prospecting, lead follow up, securing listing appointments 

*Production and what it should approximately look like your first 15 months selling Real Estate 

*Business Planning, CRM & Growing an already existing Real Estate business 
*The importance of a focused mind and winning attitude 
as well as:
*Today's Real Estate Market Place

Would You Like To Be 1 of My 25 Guests????? On February 12, 8:30 to 1:00pm @ The Italian Cultural Centre **Limited Seating Available – By Invitation Only** A Sutton WestCoast Exclusive Event w/Floyd Wickman & Doug Thompson Presenting Floyd’s…7 Secrets to Smart Selling Please respond as soon as possible as I only have 8 tickets left. In case you don’t know who Floyd is… Floyd’s Core Values are to always: · Live by the “Get by Giving” Philosophy · Make my clients goal my number one goal · Live up to my standards despite temptation to lower them · Be willing to work toward a common cause. · Do what I say I will do. Sometimes more just never less! A Little Professional History… · Spent 8 ½ years listing and selling real estate · Averaged 86 Listings each year for 7 years · Managed staff of 8 to average a listing a day for 4 years · Training Director for large independent organization · Regional Training director for 60-office franchise · National Training Director for 1,600-office franchise · Realtor Magazine and N.A.R. “25 most influential people in Real Estate” · Author of 7 books And you can also visit https://floydwickman.com/about-floyd On another note..Launched in LinkedIn by (CREA) in December/2012, a REALTOR® in Eastern Canada asked this simple question: “If you could go back in time to when you started in Real Estate and tell yourself one thing about this business, what would it be?” “invest time and money in training and educational courses, have a good mentor/coach, work with a respected brokerage”, just some of the multiple replies from people whom answered. As always I am never too busy to take the time to discuss any ideas or questions you may have about the real estate business or the benefits and costs of joining 1 of our 19 Sutton WestCoast Realty Offices.

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The New Paradigm of Value That Drives Consumers Today, Richard Robbin’s LEADS & LOYALTY Target Workshop features an intense half day training workshop with Richard Robbins “live”. This workshop features dynamic, timely topics and offers high-impact solutions to current industry challenges. Today’s real estate consumer is information savvy, however, as professionals and leaders in this industry, we know information can be dangerous to even the savviest buyer and seller without the guidance, in-depth knowledge and expertise of a qualified real estate professional.


Key Workshop Takeaways:How to educate buyers and sellers on the potential pitfalls of not working with a qualified real estate sales professional, How to build trust and rapport with people you don’t know to convert more leads and increase production and The top relationship-building strategies that will move your customers and supporters beyond loyalty to active advocacy for breakthrough word-of-mouth results!


Contact me if you are interested in attending. I’ll be there to learn more great ideas from Richard about Leads.


Richard Robbins RRI Ignite Training Retreat June 25 and 26 2012

I experienced the VIP treatment as a guest at Richard Robbins Ignite Training Retreat. It was 2 full days and definitely well worth attending. Richard is a great speaker/coach and he had panel speakers who also shared what they were doing in order to be successful in their real estate sales businesses. Time well spent.


Karrie-Ann Sheppard of RRI contacted me early in 2012 and scheduled a meeting. She invited me to be a guest, as well as offered an open invitation for me to invite several salespeople that joined me at both of Richard’s 2 hour Target Workshops in May and June. In just 2 hours Richard gave a very engaging and loaded with content workshop on how to “Ignite” one’s business.

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My Sutton Group West Coast Career Night “The Business of Real Estate Sales” – WED, December 17 , 2014 630 to 8:00 pm. is held at a location in Burnaby/Coquitlam or Vancouver (TBA). To RSVP for this Career Session or to book a one on one appointment with me to learn about joining 1 of our 25 Sutton Group Westcoast offices please contact me direct at 604-765-8445 or rbook@sutton.com. All inquiries kept confidential.

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I was a guest on Radio Real Estate Show with the Great Hosts Tom Lucas and Sheri Brown. Really enjoyed the opportunity. We discussed a question that I get asked alot “What It Takes To Become A Realtor” and we also talked about our management team, trainers and staff support for our Realtors to help build our salespeoples’ business at Sutton WestCoast. Please Click Link to listen to interview: http://bit.ly/​RadioRealEstate_audio

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BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND…The Mike Ferry Organization Action Workshop is Coming To Executive Airport Plaza, Tues,Feb 26 to Fri, Mar 1 2013.


This workshop is 4 half days (value $195) if you were to personally register. I currently have been extended the opportunity to invite guests to attend at NO COST to you. I have a limited amount of these tickets available to me so you must act fast.

If you are interested please send an email back to me asap with your email address and phone number in the body of the email. If you have a guest, that is taking the real estate course or already licenced, that you would like to bring with you please include their name, email address and phone number also in your email.


I first met Mike Ferry in 1987 and started using the Mike Ferry System in 1997 to present. I highly recommend it to you if you want to increase your sales production. I hope that you will take time out of your busy schedule to join me at this event.


Here are the event details.http://www.mikeferry.com/main/events/real-estate-action-workshop-vancouver



Mike Ferry Sales Talk – March 13 to 16, 2012

I had the opportunity to be a guest and also invite several salespeople, I know, to a complimentary (value $195) 4 days of listening to Mike Ferry. It was abundantly clear to me that his question of “Are you building a predictable & profitable business….. ” really got our attention. Mike went on to deliver many good points. One of those being how the industry tries to sell new salespeople on “buying their business” with bus

benches, ads in the paper, etc, or “waiting for business” by attending floor time and holding open houses….spending a bunch of money or waiting around with the hope that it will produce a good business for you. Instead Mr. Ferry recommends writing and adopting a good, workable Business Plan in order to become successful…where you must review your goals & defined benefits of attaining those targets daily. Part of the plan will be for you to prospect daily for motivated sellers and buyers,use scripts because “knowledge =confidence and ignorance=fear. You MUST LEARN to deal with rejection and success. You MUST HAVE an accountability partner or be a member of a “like minded” salesperson’s group. DO THIS and you are going to achieve your business goal production.

In my nearly 25 years in the real estate business Mike is likely the best salesperson I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.


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Sutton Group West Coast Realty provides our REALTORS, new or experienced, with daily live training in our two training centres. They can also schedule one on one training with a manager or get experience by shadowing one of our many successful REALTORS.


Call, text or email Randy at 604-765-8445 or rbook@sutton.com to find out more about our company or book an appointment to visit one of our 19 offices. Randy will go over what we provide to our REALTORS and also you provide you with an opportunity to tour the office and meet the management and staff.

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