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So June, What got you interested in the real estate business? 
" I always had an eye out for real estate, open houses , newspaper ads, my family bought real estate, just in my blood I guess. "

Your decision to become a Real Estate salesperson, how did that all happen? 
My Father offered me  this book "The laws of Success" by Peale. He recommended I read it, "this will change your life forever" . My father was a "top of the heap salesperson in the car business, very charismatic & influential.  Everybody I referred to him just loved dealing with Charlie. This book just fired me up and taught one how to influence others.  I went and spoke to our Realtor who had a good name, she assured me I would do well. So I just went at it. 
 So I got my Real estate license and went to work. I was 28 or 29, my kids were young.
What were your first few years like? 

I was unsure of how I was going to do, the guys in the office just laughed at me. 
My Manager at the time told me to work my SOI. I could count on one hand my sphere of influence , heck my sister -in -law listed her place with someone else, she probably didn't want me to know her financial situation. So I picked up the paper and started phoning FSBO's. You wouldn't believe it I got an appointment my first week, got the listing. 
I was so excited back in the office, the guys in the office were not impressed  said   that listing is over priced, it will never sell. What do you know about construction? I fired back, I don't , but I know people. I  painted the ugly fireplace white, put it on the market and it was sold within a couple of weeks. 

You say you know people, how so? 
I worked in the office at Bow-McLean a car dealership when I was 19. I watched a real pro run a business and manage people. Jimmy Pattison was one of the nicest, kindest, generous people I had ever met. We started our family so I had to leave. 
Can you offer any advice to new people getting into the real estate business? 

Take time off , Pace yourself , Save your money. I invested in real estate often, I wished I had saved more cash for rainy days. 

Did you set sales targets throughout your career? 
Well I guess I did, I felt I could do 3 deals a month, I rarely missed.

Anything else you like to add? 
If you are happy with being in real estate , you will stay with it. 
If your not..... well, ...... maybe do something else. 
I enjoyed chatting with June and the delicious cinnamon bun.  As we were saying goodbyes , I gave her a big hug and said thanks Mom, I enjoyed that. See you soon. 

June Book began her career working The Burnaby / East Vancouver single family home market in 1969.  She also sold real estate in  the state of Nevada & Washington state. 
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